Our future is at a crossroads

What will our future look like? What are we heading towards? Many people try to find an answer to this question which is difficult to predict. So take everything I write with a grain of salt. And please reflect about what I write and what it causes inside of you, if it does cause something….

What to do with PPT?

If you work in a corporate setting, or you are still a student, chances are high that you have to work a lot with PowerPoint (PPT). For a while, I ask myself, if we have a healthy way of using it. We spend a lot of time with finishing the slides, so they look prettier….

Why it can make sense to have a look at future trends no matter your job

The future is uncertain. That fact remains. However, many people try their best to make the future more predictable. When I studied Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship, one of my favorite courses was Technology Management & Foresight. Especially the foresight part was very interesting, because we had to apply it to developments in educational technologies and…

Should companies adjust their career paths?

Today, I had a short conversation with a colleague about how a “normal” career path can force us to do something we don’t want. To be more specific, we spoke about the possibility for a person to decide if she/he wants to become an expert or if she/he wants to become a leader/manager. The regular…

A Different Kind of Human-Centeredness

Human-centered or human-centric, those are terms I hear more and more. Be it in marketing, designing and developing products and services, and when speaking about changes in organizational structures. Design Thinking is one approach with being human-centered as its core focus. I support the development to bring the human more into the center. I also…

The Problem with Health Programs in Companies

To prepare another mindfulness training session at my company, my co-facilitator and I spoke about who will be responsible for which part. A part of this discussion led us to the topic of health and wellness programs in companies and why those programs might struggle.

What if we were all unemployed?

This is another addition to the series about the future of work. This time, I ruminate about what would happen in case everyone is unemployed.

Work in the future – Example: lawyers

A few months ago, we had a unit meeting and, we invited a speaker to talk about the future of work and the changes it might bring. He gave a few interesting examples about how AI and automatization is disrupting whole industries. In this entry, I want to speak about the impacts on lawyers.

Work in the Future: What companies can do to facilitate the transition

The future holds some interesting questions. One of them is what we can and need to do with people who become unemployed or even unemployable due to automatization and AI? Here, especially companies need to contribute to solving this problem. If you are interested, you can check my last entry on this topic here.