How can I make the world a better place?

Huh, what a question? Where to start you might think. And I agree with you. This article won’t give the ultimate answer. It is an opinion piece and I want you to reflect and be critical as always. At first, the title of this article was “How can we make the world a better place?”….

It is Difficult to be Open-Minded, if You Don’t Listen

Many people say about themselves that they are open-minded. Sometimes, I have the feeling that this is not really true. Maybe it is ignorance. I cannot really tell. I say that, if you don’t listen, you cannot really be open-minded.

When Expectations are Not Fulfilled

You might know that currently the FIFA World Cup is taking place in Russia. Germany is the defending champion and the hopes are up for the team to defend their title. Needless to say, that with it come a lot of expectations towards the team and its players. Yesterday, I saw a good example what…

How to build understanding

Deeply embedded in my life motto is to understand. I want to help others to become happier by understanding themselves and others. I think that through really wanting to understand ourselves and others, we can alleviate most of our pains. But how to become good at understanding?

Unintentional thoughtlessness

Today, I had a short conversation with my sister that made me think. When and how often does my unintentional thoughtlessness cause bad feelings in others?

The search for answers

As you might have noticed already, I ask a lot of questions. I ask them others, but also myself. In my pursuit of increasing my own understanding, I strive to find answers to those questions, too. But is it always possible to find an answer? And, is it even always beneficial to strive for finding…