Do we need a new way of giving feedback?

There is enough evidence why feedback is important for us and our development. Still, receiving feedback is often something we dread. Especially when it is negative feedback. But also positive feedback can be something people don’t appreciate. For many of us it is very difficult to process feedback. Really process. With that I mean that…

How to become a good leader – V

Part 4 This is my very subjective series on how to become a good leader. Everything I write serves as a reminder for myself and to give you an opportunity to reflect about your own leadership. It is probably good to start with the first part where I speak about the importance of crafting your leadership…

Poem: Let your light shine

A conference I was once a participant at, twice a facilitator at, and once headed inspired me to write this poem. I wrote it for myself and for others to let our lights shine.

Strengths spotting

A part of being a good leader is the ability to develop your team and your team member. In order to be able to develop a team member, you need to get to know him or her. One important attribute are a person’s strengths. You need to be very observant to spot a person’s strengths….

A book about yourself

You might think that there is already a word for this called biography, but this is not what I mean. A biography is often written so that others can get to know you and your life. A book about yourself is also no diary. A diary is also a great way to understand yourself and…