Start of the 80% experiment

Today I handed in my newly signed 80%-contract. It will start from the 1st of May. This is the end of a long thought process with a lot of hesitation, and it is also the start of an experiment.

YouTube Channel of the Month – The School of Life

This month’s YouTube channel is a long-time favorite called The School of Life. To my knowledge, the initiator of the channel is Alain de Botton, who is a modern philosopher. They also have a website where they sell books and other items. There are many reasons why I subscribed to the channel.

Don’t focus on what is separating us but rather what unite us

At the moment, I am reading the third book of the Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive series, called Oathbringer. I like his books, as they give me plenty to think about. For example, why we focus on what separates us from others, instead of finding similarities.

Reflection: 6 months of writing a daily blog

Half time. 183 days. 6 months of ups and downs. 4392 hours have been passed, since I started writing this blog. So much time and yet so little time, as well. It is a good time to look back.

Personal reflection

Today, I thought a lot about my ex-girlfriend. My friend and I were driving for the most part through the country, just discovering new cities. This gave me plenty of time to think about her.

Chile: an interlude II

Before I traveled to Chile, I told myself that in those three weeks, I will work on my future plans, I will give a mindfulness training, and I will just read and read and read. Since I arrived, I didn’t do any of those, besides reading. And that also not as much as I thought…

Chile: an interlude

Today, I actually didn’t do much, but I couldn’t get myself to write the blog earlier. Although I still have more material (and yes, also more pictures =) ), I rather slept or enjoyed the sun. Throughout the day, I thought about what I will write today, but besides writing more about my experiences here…

Reflection: 5 months of writing a blog

Today 152 days of writing a blog are over. I already reached more than a third of my goal. This means, now it is time again to do my monthly reflection of writing a daily blog.

Unintentional thoughtlessness

Today, I had a short conversation with my sister that made me think. When and how often does my unintentional thoughtlessness cause bad feelings in others?

Finding purpose

Find your purpose. For most people, this is easier said than done. I’d like to take you on my own journey to discover my purpose. In sporadic intervals, I will reflect on what my purpose might be and how I can find it. In this entry, I want to reflect about the connection between our…