Who are you doing it for?

Last year and still some days now, I ask myself the question who am I doing it for? As you might know, the last year was not the best year of my life and it was also the reason why I started writing this blog. I felt as if I don’t have any reason to…

Good and bad questions

I think there are good and bad questions. Or let me rephrase. There might be good times to ask a question and bad times.

What if…?

What if…? That is a question most of us asked ourselves. It is also a question we know might not be the best one as it holds ourselves in the past and inhibits progress. But maybe we are using the question in a wrong way?

The search for answers

As you might have noticed already, I ask a lot of questions. I ask them others, but also myself. In my pursuit of increasing my own understanding, I strive to find answers to those questions, too. But is it always possible to find an answer? And, is it even always beneficial to strive for finding…