Hedonism vs. Eudaimonia – part II

Yesterday, I started writing about happiness. To be more precise the difference between Hedonism and Eudaimonia, and what role they play in my life. Yesterday, I focused on Hedonism and today I will continue with Eudaimonia.

Don’t put yourself in a box

Yesterday, I wrote about not putting others in a box. And, as this is useful and a good way to improve relationships, it is only one half of the medal. It is equally important that you don’t put yourself in a box, too.

36 Questions to fall in love – XII

Today is a good day to answer another question from the series by The New York Times which goes by the name of: 36 Questions – How to fall in love. In case you are a first time visitor to the blog, and you are curious about the very first question and my answer to…

More than just a number

Working in a big company can feel cold sometimes. The question is why does it feel that way and what is the effect?