Being patient

I wrote a lot about patience in my blog. Mainly because I need to be more patient myself. And patience is not only something for difficult times. Actually, a lack of patience can make good times more difficult again. At the moment, I feel a lot better. I have much more energy. Me feeling better…

Brick by Brick

We want to lead an adventurous life. A life filled with excitement. We want to create that is special. We want to constantly be happy and successful. We want to discover and explore and we are innately curious. This can drive us. This can also put a lot of pressure on us, too.

Curious like a child

Yesterday, we celebrated my dad’s birthday. This means that the whole family came together, including my sister and her family. I always enjoy spending time with my nephew, as I don’t see him very often. This is an entry that highlights the mind of a child and what I want to copy from him.

What helped me to get better?

I am on a very good way to be the person I want to be again. It was a difficult and long road and although I am not quite there yet, I think about what helped me to get better.

Poem: Patience versus the clock

In preparation for a self-leadership conference I came up with the idea of writing a poem. The goal was to get us, an inernational facilitator team and the conference team as a whole, more familiar with each other. Of course, I also participated in the task and this is what I came up with back…

The search for answers

As you might have noticed already, I ask a lot of questions. I ask them others, but also myself. In my pursuit of increasing my own understanding, I strive to find answers to those questions, too. But is it always possible to find an answer? And, is it even always beneficial to strive for finding…

Starting small

I guess we all have dreams about our lives and what would make it wonderful. If you are like me, you might have big dreams at times and a lot of things you want to do and/or achieve. This entry is about one way to reach your goals: By starting small.