Day 7: Confidence & Motivation

Hallo, hi, привет, hola, and salut, and welcome to day seven of the virtual self-development conference. If this is the first article you read in this series, I recommend to go back to the introduction and to day 1 where I kick off the conference and establish some ground rules. Today is the last day of…

Classical music and dancing: pure energy

I think all humans have a special relationship with music. I am no different. Without music something would be missing. The same is true for moving our bodies, especially via dancing. Our bodies can often express our feelings better than any words could do. When music and dance come together, magical things can happen.

Give praise to creators

Creating something where there hasn’t been something before is always difficult. This is true for big things such as founding a company, but also small things like coming up with a first concept at work. It is also much easier to build on top of this work, give feedback for adjustments, or criticize. Good leaders…

Company culture and gamification – addition

Today, I spoke with two colleagues about yesterday’s entry about Company culture and gamification, and we spoke how to use the benefits of gamification even further, namely: Doing something for a good cause.

Company culture and gamification

From time to time, I like to play games. It is nice to get lost in a story or get captivated by different challenges. Then, I often feel invigorated. Games have the potential to help us engage with a specific topic far more than just reading or being told about something. Some don’t like the…