How to become a good leader – VII

Part 6 This is my very subjective series on how to become a good leader. Everything I write serves as a reminder for myself and to give you an opportunity to reflect about your own leadership. It is probably good to start with the first part where I speak about the importance of crafting your leadership…

It is Difficult to be Open-Minded, if You Don’t Listen

Many people say about themselves that they are open-minded. Sometimes, I have the feeling that this is not really true. Maybe it is ignorance. I cannot really tell. I say that, if you don’t listen, you cannot really be open-minded.

How to build understanding

Deeply embedded in my life motto is to understand. I want to help others to become happier by understanding themselves and others. I think that through really wanting to understand ourselves and others, we can alleviate most of our pains. But how to become good at understanding?

Listen to understand

I am guilty. Guilty of not really listening the way I should. But it doesn’t have to do with not being interested. Sometimes, the opposite gets in the way.