Start and end the day with self-love

No, not what you might think 😛 How do you normally start your day? A normal start to my day is that I wake up (I often just lie in bed for a while), then get up and go to the bathroom and then dress myself and prepare breakfast and a cup of tea. This…

Mindfulness: Preparation Before the Practice

A few days ago, I shared a list of the six most common problems we face when setting up a practice and how we can overcome them. This post is a wonderful addition and is about what we can do before the start of the practice to increase the odds to keep on doing it.

Create the Right Conditions for Your Mindfulness Practice

The biggest effect from mindfulness training stems from a regular practice. It is really not so much about how long you do it but how frequently. That is a change process. Especially when we are new to mindfulness practice. That is why it is important to create the right conditions to set ourselves up for…

The concept of the last hour

What do your evenings look like? And, have you ever thought about it? I want to share one thing I regularly do during my evenings, which I call the concept of the last hour.