Book review: The 5 Love Languages

This book is special. I practically devoured this book in only a few days. Sure, it is not a long book, but it still means a lot when I cannot put a book down so easily. After I finished reading it, I had mixed feelings. A part of me felt regret that I did not…

Book review: Authentic Happiness

When I sat down at the end of last year to plan this one, I set myself the intention to read at least 6 non-fiction books. So far I’m on a good path, because 2 weeks ago I finished the newest book by Martin Seligman called Authentic Happiness. This article will help me to remember…

Lying is a betrayal to one’s self

I love to read. At the moment I am in my fantasy book period. One aspect I like about reading fantasy is that there are words of wisdom here and there. Maybe it depends on the author, but I want to share one of the latest wisdom I found.

Book(s) Review: Legend of the First Empire

I rather read a good book than watching a movie or a series. There are many good books out there, but only a few that captivate me enough to not wanting to stop reading. There are a few authors I follow and I cannot wait until they publish their next book. A recent discovery is…

Marva Collins’ Way: Returning to Excellence in Education

Oh boy, how much I was looking forward to writing about this book. And, at the same time, I was stalling, because I don’t know whether this entry will do justice to the book and its value. What I can tell is that it shaped my understanding of parenting and leadership to quite an extent….

The importance of stories

Stories are a wonderful thing. They are a carrier of knowledge and help us learn, they can make us feel stronger, they can let us dream, and they can help us to get lost in something we like.