Start of a new project

I started this blog as a project. And although this project is not over, I will start another one. One goal of this blog was to help me process my thoughts and feelings, and in turn, help me to reach the state of mind I already had, and I’d like to have more frequently again….

36 Questions to fall in love – XXX

I think it is only fair that you get to know me a little bit better to understand how I think and how my brain works in order to put my writings into perspective and to draw your own conclusions. This is why I, once about every ten days, answer one of the questions from…

Maybe: A Farmer’s Tale

I heard this story years ago and was reminded of it a couple of weeks ago when I heard it in a series again. It is a story of a Chinese farmer and I take solace in hearing it.

Musings on Love – V

Today I had a wonderful call with three very dear friends. Well, wonderful might be the wrong word, as we spoke about what happened during the last months and there are always good and bad things that occur. But being able to be vulnerable with other people and having the feeling that someone is really…

Poem: calm

As I feel very balanced and calm today, I thought I write a poem about it =)

The search for answers

As you might have noticed already, I ask a lot of questions. I ask them others, but also myself. In my pursuit of increasing my own understanding, I strive to find answers to those questions, too. But is it always possible to find an answer? And, is it even always beneficial to strive for finding…

On discovering my values: harmony

A while ago, I identified my most important values. One which ranks very high on that list is harmony. I could just stop here and say that harmony is important to me and that’s it. However, I am losing out on a wide range of interesting questions and insights why it is important to me…