Mindfulness: Benefits – II

This is the 2nd part of the series which discovers the benefits of having a regular mindfulness practice. I try to add my personal experience regarding the benefit I write about. Those advantages stem from books, articles, videos, and my personal experience. I recommend to read the 1st part which you can find here.

A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

From time to time, I write about depression and anxiety. I know that it is not the most positive topic, but it is something I think about. I try to understand it and I want to find means how to combat and alleviate it. At the moment, I have two opposing thoughts in my mind….

Finding light in the Darkness

Even the Buddhist say: Life is suffering. Okay, they also say how to alleviate suffering, but this process is hard and long, and for many not very appealing. This means we are faced with a lot of darkness in our lives and one task is bestowed upon us: finding light.

Diet and depression

A couple of years ago, I experienced my lowest point so far. When I finally climbed out of this hole, I asked myself: What can I do that something like that doesn’t happen to me again? After my experience from the second half of last year and the time it took me (probably still takes…