Tea of the Months: August 18′

When I spent a couple of days in Dublin (read more about my unplanned trip do Dublin) I couldn’t resist to get some tea for my collection. After some research, I decided to go to a shop called Clement & Poke at 50 South William St Dublin. After waling right by it and missing it,…

Tea of the Month: July 2018

As I might drink two cups of coffee a year, because tea is my go-to-drink, I want to present you my favorite teas and why they are so special to me. This month’s tea of the month is rather special but still a classic. It is pure green tea.

Tea of the month: June 2018

This month’s tea is again perfect for cold and hot days: peppermint tea. This tea comes in various forms. Pure, with honey, with honey and lemon juice, just with lemon juice and even with honey, lemon juice and pepper.

Tea of the month: May 2018

This is probably how everything started. This tea was the beginning of my addiction to all kinds of tea.

Tea of the month: March 2018

The tea of the month for March 2018 is actually a different version of the tea of the month of December 2017. It is another way to fight off the cold and sickness.

Tea of the month – January/2018

In the entry about my unplanned trip to Dublin, I was announcing that there will come the time I write about a very special tea. This time has finally arrived.

Tea of the month – 12/2017

When I look outside of my room, I see the world painted in white. Winter has arrived and what is the beverage to drink when it is cold outside? Correct, tea =). This means it is time for the tea of the month again.

Tea of the month – 10/2017

One of my passions is tea. On a monthly basis, I will present one of my favourite teas. I hope they will bring you as much happiness as they bring me. And of course, I am always open for recommendations =) The tea of October 2017 is the BB Detox tea from Kusmi Tea.