How to add a little Design Thinking into your life

For the last three days, I was on a training to become a Design Thinking Coach. To take part in this training was one of my goals for this year, when I sat down at the end of last year to think about how I can turn my life into a more positive one again. Being exposed and having the opportunity to try out different Design Thinking (from now on DT) methods made me think where and when I can use this knowledge.

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Self-help everywhere

When you close your eyes and you throw a stone, the chances are high that you hit self-help. There are countless books about the topic. In one of Germany’s biggest book stores Thalia, there are even complete sections devoted to the topic. There are many, many, many blogs writing about this topic. Mine is no different, although I mainly try to help myself =). Why is there such a huge supply and apparently demand for self-help?

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How to transform?

If I want to grow and develop myself, I need to accept and embrace change. Change means that something has to die in order to make room for something else. Death is not a nice thing to think about it and we are often reluctant to accept changes. It is often even harder when it comes to changing ourselves. So how can I do this? How can I transform?

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How do I deal with challenges?

During the last two days I facilitated a vision/mission workshop for 28 people. As you might guess, finding a common vision for 28 people is in itself a challenging task. In addition, there was a time constraint and a group which consists of sub-groups. On top of that, not all of them did know each other before and there was no time for a team building. All in all, a big challenge for me.

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