Focus on the trend, not on the day

If you are going through a change process, I guess you experienced this. Those days when nothing seems to be working out and you feel you made a step backward. You start to doubt, if you are at all capable of changing and if it means you failed. Firstly, I bet the day is not…

Mentioning skills taught in training programs

At the moment, I try to update my LinkedIn profile and one part is to identify your skill set. This is not as easy as it sounds. There are so many different terms and names and sometimes you just don’t know if you really can say that you possess a specific skill or not. That…

The power of the body

Yesterday, I wrote about the power of our brains and that it is important to take care of our brains to make the best out of all our talents and strengths. In today’s blog article, I want to write about the other half which is necessary to live a healthy and happy live. Our bodies….

Some changes regarding the blog =)

There are some changes I made with regards to the blog =). As you can see, I changed the design of the blog. I saw it on a different blog and just liked the way it is structured. I hope you also like it =). This also went hand in hand with an update on…

Lying is a betrayal to one’s self

I love to read. At the moment I am in my fantasy book period. One aspect I like about reading fantasy is that there are words of wisdom here and there. Maybe it depends on the author, but I want to share one of the latest wisdom I found.

You are not your thoughts

Today I had a very interesting conversation in preparation for one of the mindfulness trainings I give for the company I am working for. The topic was about becoming aware that we are not our thoughts.

Is Happiness an inside job?

You might have read it somewhere as an inspirational quote: Happiness is an inside job. But is it though?

Do you suffer from action addiction?

How good are you in dealing with stillness? What is the first thing you do when you arrive at work? I know what I do often. I just jump right into it. Am I active? Yes. But am I productive? That is up to chance. That is a good sign that I am suffering from…

Who are you doing it for?

Last year and still some days now, I ask myself the question who am I doing it for? As you might know, the last year was not the best year of my life and it was also the reason why I started writing this blog. I felt as if I don’t have any reason to…

Afraid of the Future

Maybe two weeks ago I stumbled upon an article in my constant pursuit to better understand depression. In this article, I read something for the first time that struck a nerve. It mentioned that one part in the whole mental health dilemma could be our generation’s fear of the future.

How Do YOU Define Success?

More often, I am talking to myself that I want to win at life. I don’t want to play not to lose but to win. I want my life to be a success. But how does a successful life look like? And what does it even mean?