Poem: Tanya

This is a poem I wrote for Tanya a little while ago. I wrote in another entry, that I deleted all pictures and texts from her to not be reminded of her and to be able to let go some day. However, I cannot delete this poem. I wrote it in 2016, after we got…

Poem: Do what makes you laugh

Maybe two weeks ago, I wrote this poem to bring some light into my life. Having heavy thoughts all the time can be such a downer =). I think it is important to fill your life with laughter and some lightness. I hope you’ll enjoy this poem.

Poem: Let your light shine

A conference I was once a participant at, twice a facilitator at, and once headed inspired me to write this poem. I wrote it for myself and for others to let our lights shine.

Poem: calm

As I feel very balanced and calm today, I thought I write a poem about it =)

Poem: Patience versus the clock

In preparation for a self-leadership conference I came up with the idea of writing a poem. The goal was to get us, an inernational facilitator team and the conference team as a whole, more familiar with each other. Of course, I also participated in the task and this is what I came up with back…