Success should be a state of mind

We tend to correlate success with status. I want to argue that we might shift our understanding of what success is, or at least adjust the concept of it. Success should be a state of mind.

A good dictator vs. a bad democracy

When I read an article, I sometimes read the comments to the article, too. It is interesting what people think about a certain topic and if you read a lot of comments you get a better feeling what other people think. This happened today as well, and I stumbled upon a statement, made in a…

Finding relief in art – Kintsugi

Art has an enormous potential. It can calm us down, it can give us hope, and it helps us to better understand ourselves and others. And although my go-to-art is books, there are countless other types of art that inspire. There is one type in particular which can give relief: Kintsugi.

Two approaches to “control” your life

This entry might be a bit confusing, so please bear with me. At the moment, I reflect a lot about my situation and how to handle everything. One morning, I woke up having two words in mind: Trust and Fear, and how both are used to create a feeling of control in our lives.

Do you want to live forever?

No, my blog entries don’t get a dark turn =) But after watching two videos today, I couldn’t help to think about this question.