Relaxation Techique: The Pond

Several years ago, I attended a project management workshop. The workshop was very good, but there is only one thing I can still remember. At the very beginning, the facilitator used a method to help us relax and focus. I think those methods are a wonderful way to kick-start a meeting, or to reinvigorate a team after or during an intense day of work. A few years later, I browsed through the personal library of my professor and found a book which had a number of similar methods in it. One of my favorites is: The Pond.

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Karma might work

On Monday, I was supposed to meet my mentee for the first time. We already set a date and time, but I needed to get vaccinated, and I wanted to do it before I fly to Chile. The vaccination however made it uncertain whether I will find the time to meet him.

Fortunately, it only took 30 minutes to get vaccinated, but I already felt my arm hurting and I was hesitant, if I should still go and meet him or not. I decided to write him and see, if he still wants to meet and two hours later he said yes. Again, I was already in the warm apartment of my parents and it was cold outside. Normally, the “perfect” excuse to ask to postpone the meeting. This time however, I decided to go out again and meet him.

We had a wonderful conversation over delicious food and tea and while speaking the sun came out as if to say: Stephan, you see what happens when you overcome your weaker self =). After our talk I had two more short but nice talks in a shop and when I got back, I met an old classmate, I had not seen in years. We had the same destination, so we could catch up and this was another lovely talk.

If I had not gone out, nothing of this would have happened (okay, maybe the sun would have come through, but maybe not in the area where my parents live). This let me think about the concept of Karma again. Sometimes, I have the feeling that when I do something good, and that is either unpleasant for me or takes effort, I will be rewarded somehow. The same is true for the other way around.

What do you think? Does Karma or something like this exist?


Have a wonderful day and take care!


Mindfulness in schools

As a frequent ready of this blog, you might know that I am a big advocate of mindfulness. I think it has the potential to change our lives drastically. I also should replace the “think” with ” I know from my own experiences”, but maybe more on this in another entry. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I am in favor of including mindfulness in many aspects of our lives. Especially in our work. And what is work for children? School =)

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