How do we learn? – Inhale

I think that everyone who is not endowed with a photographic memory knows about how hard it can be to learn something new. We might think: I only need to sit down and read and memorize it and then I learn it soon enough. Or when we are at school or university and the teacher asks us what we have learned today. It appears simple. We sit, listen, maybe try it out a bit and everything makes sense, when we hear it. But did we learn something? The answer is no. During the next days, I want to share with you how we learn, based on an approach I learned from my professor Klaus W. Döring.

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Marva Collins’ Way: Returning to Excellence in Education

Oh boy, how much I was looking forward to writing about this book. And, at the same time, I was stalling, because I don’t know whether this entry will do justice to the book and its value. What I can tell is that it shaped my understanding of parenting and leadership to quite an extent. That is why the book: Marva Collins’s Way: Returning to Excellence in Education is so dear to me.

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