How to add a little Design Thinking into your life

For the last three days, I was on a training to become a Design Thinking Coach. To take part in this training was one of my goals for this year, when I sat down at the end of last year to think about how I can turn my life into a more positive one again. Being exposed and having the opportunity to try out different Design Thinking (from now on DT) methods made me think where and when I can use this knowledge.

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Add some optimism to your news diet

When we listen to or watch the News, we might get the impression that the world is growing worse every day. We are faced with crisis here, wars there, and political decisions that make us question reality. It makes sense for news agencies. We are hardwired for negativity. From an evolutionary point this is important. But this, mainly one-sided, news coverage is also detrimental for the hope and the optimism in our lives.

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Sometimes all we need is a “I will support you” from the right person(s)

We all have probably only this one life. And it is true, we are the main person who can decide its fate. However, I think we all know about an experience or situation which made us hesitate. We longed for change, but we didn’t do it. There are countless books, articles, and videos of people who want to motivate you to change. Their arguments can be valid, and you might feel that what you read or hear is making total sense, but you still can’t change or act. Sometimes, what we need might be the words: “I will support you” by an important person.

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Relaxation Techique: The Pond

Several years ago, I attended a project management workshop. The workshop was very good, but there is only one thing I can still remember. At the very beginning, the facilitator used a method to help us relax and focus. I think those methods are a wonderful way to kick-start a meeting, or to reinvigorate a team after or during an intense day of work. A few years later, I browsed through the personal library of my professor and found a book which had a number of similar methods in it. One of my favorites is: The Pond.

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Hedonism vs. Eudaimonia – part I

There is still a hype around happiness. Although it seems as if we navigate towards a more balanced approach (what I like =) ), there are many people who don’t dig deeper, what is meant by happiness, and who think that a hedonic approach is the way to go. In this entry I want to speak about the differences between Hedonism and Eudaimonia and what role they play in my life. Today I start with Hedonism and tomorrow, I will end with Eudaimonia.

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How to transform?

If I want to grow and develop myself, I need to accept and embrace change. Change means that something has to die in order to make room for something else. Death is not a nice thing to think about it and we are often reluctant to accept changes. It is often even harder when it comes to changing ourselves. So how can I do this? How can I transform?

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Karma might work

On Monday, I was supposed to meet my mentee for the first time. We already set a date and time, but I needed to get vaccinated, and I wanted to do it before I fly to Chile. The vaccination however made it uncertain whether I will find the time to meet him.

Fortunately, it only took 30 minutes to get vaccinated, but I already felt my arm hurting and I was hesitant, if I should still go and meet him or not. I decided to write him and see, if he still wants to meet and two hours later he said yes. Again, I was already in the warm apartment of my parents and it was cold outside. Normally, the “perfect” excuse to ask to postpone the meeting. This time however, I decided to go out again and meet him.

We had a wonderful conversation over delicious food and tea and while speaking the sun came out as if to say: Stephan, you see what happens when you overcome your weaker self =). After our talk I had two more short but nice talks in a shop and when I got back, I met an old classmate, I had not seen in years. We had the same destination, so we could catch up and this was another lovely talk.

If I had not gone out, nothing of this would have happened (okay, maybe the sun would have come through, but maybe not in the area where my parents live). This let me think about the concept of Karma again. Sometimes, I have the feeling that when I do something good, and that is either unpleasant for me or takes effort, I will be rewarded somehow. The same is true for the other way around.

What do you think? Does Karma or something like this exist?


Have a wonderful day and take care!


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