Something died…

Where to start? What I am about to write is still vague and fuzzy. I hope that writing about it will bring more clarity. So, please bear with me again =). It started more than a year ago when Tanya and I broke up. I fell into a hole and I wasn’t myself. I thought…

Focus on the trend, not on the day

If you are going through a change process, I guess you experienced this. Those days when nothing seems to be working out and you feel you made a step backward. You start to doubt, if you are at all capable of changing and if it means you failed. Firstly, I bet the day is not…

The power of the body

Yesterday, I wrote about the power of our brains and that it is important to take care of our brains to make the best out of all our talents and strengths. In today’s blog article, I want to write about the other half which is necessary to live a healthy and happy live. Our bodies….

The power of the brain

Our brains are machines. They are ingenious powerhouses that keep us not only alive but enable us to create the most wonderful things. Our brain constantly rewires itself and we are able to learn anything until our last breath. So, you definitely can teach an old dog new tricks. What is going on in our…

Wein am Stein

This week, my colleagues and I went to a wine festival in Würzburg, Germany. I drink rarely, but when there is a wine festival, I would never say no =).

A perfect summer drink

At the moment it is hot. Incredibly hot. What can you do if you don’t have an air-condition at work or at home? You might say as little movement as possible and my response would be: I like the way you think =). However, there is an alternative. A drink that is refreshing be it…

Would You Send Your Children to University?

I don’t have kids yet but I know that when I have, I want only the best for them. As we all (hopefully =) ). One of the tasks of being a parent is to make sure to equip our kids and prepare them for the future to be independent and successful members of the…

Afraid of the Future

Maybe two weeks ago I stumbled upon an article in my constant pursuit to better understand depression. In this article, I read something for the first time that struck a nerve. It mentioned that one part in the whole mental health dilemma could be our generation’s fear of the future.

How Do YOU Define Success?

More often, I am talking to myself that I want to win at life. I don’t want to play not to lose but to win. I want my life to be a success. But how does a successful life look like? And what does it even mean?

It is Difficult to be Open-Minded, if You Don’t Listen

Many people say about themselves that they are open-minded. Sometimes, I have the feeling that this is not really true. Maybe it is ignorance. I cannot really tell. I say that, if you don’t listen, you cannot really be open-minded.