Finding purpose

Find your purpose. For most people, this is easier said than done. I’d like to take you on my own journey to discover my purpose. In sporadic intervals, I will reflect on what my purpose might be and how I can find it. In this entry, I want to reflect about the connection between our interests and our purpose.

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Why all this greed?

At the moment, I am watching the Netflix series “Dirty Money” by Alex Gibney. And oh boy am I angry. I am aware that the show is designed to create emotions and that is not totally objective, but I like the fact that it also listens to people who are affected. The series is about companies and also individuals who are crazy rich and who used the system to exploit people. And often those people who have no chance to fight for themselves. While I watch this documentary and I shake my head, I ask myself: why all this greed?

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On respect

At the moment, I look through my old mails and writings. After a conference on (self-)leadership in 2016 (NaLDS = National Leadership Development Seminar), each month for a year, I sent out a mail to all participants and the whole conference team. It is interesting to read it again for myself and I think there is still some validity to it.

The initial question, I addressed in this mail was how to distance yourself from others or to teach somebody to respect you? This was a question from one of the participants. I adjusted the text a bit, but only slightly.

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Don’t get overwhelmed by the beginning

Change can be scary. But it is often not the change itself, but the uncertainty that comes along with it. How can I do this? Where do I find that? When will I get there? And so on and so on. It is like standing in front of a huge mountain. You have heard that the land behind has plenty of nice things, but you also don’t know for certain. You also don’t know if you will ever make it over the mountain in the first place. Instead of being pulled by the promises of the new and “holy” land, we are pushed back by our fears.

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A happy new year 2018

If you follow the Gregorian calendar it means that you made it. You successfully lived through another year on this beautiful planet. The start of a year is always a good point to think about our dreams and wishes and to set our intentions for the year. Yes, I am not talking about goals, because for some, setting goals create even more pressure and they set themselves up for failure. In contrast, if I set my intentions, I place myself in the right spot and face the right direction. It can be a kinder way and maybe an even more successful one, to get to the point you see want to be.

What do I wish for the upcoming year?

Actually, it is the same I wish for everyone. I wish you to be healthy, to have a lot of love and laughter in your life, that you can use your talents, that you stay curious, that you are kind to others, that you try to understand and be gentle with yourself and others, that you are courageous, that you stand up for yourself, that you spread love, that you sing and dance, that you will enjoy nature, and that you experience new situations that will help you grow as a person.

Let’s try together to work on a world that gets closer again, by being open-minded and kind to one another.


I wish you a wonderful start into 2018!


Kind of a joker

Today is going to be a short entry. I am rather sick, having the chills, headache and feeling of sickness. But I feel good enough to write at least a few lines. So, why do we get sick? I am rather invested in the theory that 90 or 95% of the cases we get sick starts in the brain. Our body can cover for us only to a certain degree. Then, it will take the energy back by forcing you to stay in bed. I think a good example for this effect can be seen at universities. Students study, study, and study, only to write one exam. Often, they are sick for the next two weeks. Or when you finally have that vacation you were waiting for. The first evening and you already feel it in your throat or guts. Though there is a second reason. Playing with kids who have been sick or are sick. That might actually be the reason this time. However, I also know reasons why it can be the other.

I hope you are doing better! Have a wonderful day and greetings from my bed.


Merry Christmas

Maybe you don’t celebrate Christmas, but I still want to wish all of you a wonderful day and, in case you have it too, a wonderful holiday season. Spend some time with your loved ones and be kind and generous to each other. I think we can all need and share a little bit more love. I know we should do it every day, but a reminder now and then is quite helpful =) I am grateful for my family and my friends and I wish everyone out there happiness, love, and peace.

Have a wonderful day and take care =)


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