Start and end the day with self-love

No, not what you might think 😛

How do you normally start your day?

A normal start to my day is that I wake up (I often just lie in bed for a while), then get up and go to the bathroom and then dress myself and prepare breakfast and a cup of tea. This is pretty normal I’d say, but what follows afterwards is more interesting.

Normally, I just get to work and well… start working. This means I am now interested in how I can help others. Whatever your job looks like, I think that it is often to the benefit of someone else. Be it gardening, so that people enjoy the beauty of a nicely done garden, or be it accounting, so your company will pass any examination, or be it washing dishes so other people won’t get sick and enjoy their meals. The longer the day last, the more you do for others. In addition, you think about friends or family and how you can help/support them. But what about you?

Unfortunately, many of us have problems with really loving ourselves. It is easier for us to something nice and helpful for someone else but when it comes to us, we say/think we are okay and don’t need it or someone else needs our help more. When done too often, we develop a habit of putting other peoples’ needs above our own. This is not contributing to a healthy self-love.

This is what I propose and what I currently do myself.

I ask myself before I start work: Stephan, what do you need right now to be happy? My answers range from a cup of tea, to I need to meditate to clear my thoughts or to I need to work on my own projects to have the feeling I made progress on a personal level.

I also ask myself if I do it right now or later. The goal is to figure out what I need to be content and energized. Only when I am taking care of myself and I am in a good state of mind will I truly be happy to help others. So far, I notice that I am indeed more content and that I have more energy for the other tasks. Because I either just did something good for myself, or I will do it later today. Knowing what I need will make sure to follow through. It is kind of a positive cycle. I ask myself the question because I show myself love and even when I postpone whatever it is, I need, my mind makes sure that I will do it.

I also ask this question at the end of the day. This helps me for example to realize when I am really tired. When watching or reading something, it is easy to just continue until late night, but when I ask myself the question before I start reading/watching, I already listen to my body and then I know how much I can read/watch before I will go to sleep. The result is that I go to sleep around half past 10 pm :D.

If you try it out, please let me know about your experience. For me it is a lovely way to appreciate myself and show me the love I deserve. When I love myself, I am better able to show love to other people, too.

So maybe think about how you want to start and end your day.


Have a wonderful day and take care, Stephan

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