Anger Management

Today’s article is about a topic that I started to think more about lately, namely anger and being angry. 

One of my values is harmony. I always try to create an atmosphere in which I and other people feel comfortable. And it might sound nice, but there is also a downside to it.

Yesterday, I thought about the movie Anger Management. The movie itself is okay, but the reason it came to my mind was the way one character dealt with his anger. I don’t completely identify myself with him but I asked myself the question how I would react being in his shoes. He was assigned an anger management therapist and this person moved in with him and started to sleep in his bed (naked). I asked myself whether I would become angry and say no. I’ll probably wouldn’t although I would mind. A little later during the movie the therapist went out with his girlfriend and again I asked myself the question if I’d be angry. First, I told myself of course I will be angry. However, in a second thought I told myself that maybe he is a better fit for her etc.

I often think about why people behave the way they do and it helps me to understand others. However, sometimes this can be a negative thing. I am not going to change my general desire to seek understanding, but I more and more think about the positive side of being angry. Anger is a natural feeling and it was a necessary skill to stay alive for my ancestors. Moreover, anger is a crucial element of the bereavement process. Only when I go through anger can I completely recover. Additionally, sometimes it is justified to be angry and it is also justified to show it. Otherwise, people will continue to take advantage of you or will continue to treat you similarly in the future.

I have a friend and I always thought that he has a lot of anger inside him and I was a bit biased and thought that this is something he should work on. However, I more and more realize that I might change the way I handle anger. And no, the goal cannot be to become a choleric person. That would be the other end of the spectrum. So, again, it is about finding a good balance and not to quell my emotions, but rather listening to them and letting them out if need be.

For me a first step is to become angry. This is still a bit difficult. But I need to be able to do it to live a balanced life.

What do you think about this topic? And what is your approach to anger? Let me know in the comments =).


Have a wonderful day and take care, Stephan


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