Do you know your strengths and how to use them?

In my previous article, I wrote about how I ended the last year and how I like this year to look like and invited you to think about the same.

Today I will invite you to do something similar…

At the moment I am in the process to become a strengths coach (not certified but still a good practice =) ). At our company we use the Clifton Strengths Finder which I think is quite expensive. However, there is also a very good free version called the VIA Character Strengths Survey. This will rank your 24 most dominant character strengths. This is a wonderful starting point, if you struggle to define your top strengths.

As I went through a rough period in my life, I wonder if the order of the strengths will change over the coming years. This is also why I invested some money in myself and paid 50 US Dollars to get two reports on my strengths. These reports tell me more about what research is saying about those strengths and, more importantly, they tell about the risks of overusing and underusing them.

This is what I like a lot about the reports. We naturally think of strengths as something positive. However, it is always about finding the right balance. Moreover, the reports offer suggestions on how to use and cultivate your strengths.

We are so focused on our negative traits and weaknesses and how we can compensate for them, but we should rather focus on how to best use our skills and strengths. I don’t say you shouldn’t know your weaknesses and how to deal with them but making this your priority costs a lot of energy, because you fight against something that is… well… a weakness. Instead, if you harness your strengths, you can tap into a source of nearly unlimited energy, because you feel motivated and probably closer to your meaning.

That is why I want to invite you to have a look on your strengths and get to know yourself a bit better. It will come in handy in all kinds of situations. And be honest with yourself while answering the questions. It is not about right or wrong and what sounds good and what sounds bad. It is about getting to know you and what makes you tick. Answering the questions how you would like to be will only lead to skewed results leading you in a wrong and probably unhappy direction.

Also, if you are curious how to spot strengths in others and how to train this skill, you can read my article on Strengths spotting.


Have a wonderful day and take care, Stephan


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  1. Great post ! Thank you for sharing ! I did a test about my strenghts a few years back but I don’t remember anything hahaha, probably trying this one !

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