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Our world is changing. In some respects, for the better and in some for the worse. Climate is one of the latter. I don’t know what your thoughts on climate change are. If you are skeptical, the only thing I want to ask you is to do your own research and not trust your normal news diet.

What is absolutely unfair is that this change was probably mainly caused by the most developed countries. I know I write very cautiously, but I also want to say that I believe in climate change. However, the most drastic effects are and will be seen in those countries having to do the least with it. But even if you are living in one of those developed countries, you might have already seen the changes. I live in Germany and I can already say that the weather is more extreme. This year, we had a fantastic summer. It was very warm. But this already negatively affected the farmers in Germany, too. Moreover, I also feel that the winters are getting colder. That is also why it is called climate change. It is not only getting warmer. The changes in climate become more drastic.

However, I didn’t know that our prospects are already that dire. That is also why I chose the title for this article. This week, I watched a video about the current prognosis and what might happen in the future. This also included the impact climate change will have on sea levels and flora and fauna. This, in turn, will also influence our diets. It will take a massive change in our behaviors. Unfortunately, even when each of us change his/her behavior now, it might be too late already, as there are few companies that are responsible for the main emission of CO2.

Nevertheless, we should change ourselves. Keep in mind that whenever you open your wallet, you vote. Maybe we can buy more products with less packaging. Maybe we can buy more regional food. Maybe we can use less water. There are many small things we can do. And maybe it will give us some more precious time to bring about real change.

Please watch the following video and get active in whatever ways you can. Thank you.


Take care, Stephan

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  1. Thats so true.. Save the environment , save the future. Very well written.


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