YouTube Channel of the Month: Half as Interesting

One of my favorite books of all time is The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss. If you haven’t read it and the first book in the series (The Name of the Wind), and you are into fantasy, I highly recommend to read it. But why do I start this article with a reference to a book?

In the books there is a character called Elodin. Elodin is one of the masters of the university and he is a namer. Naming is a concept that gives people power over a thing (or person) if they truly and completely understand the true nature of this thing it all its aspects. As our waking minds are overstrained by this task, a lot of that is up to our sleeping minds. You can maybe start to imagine how difficult it is to teach something as complex as naming.

He tries to wake his students’ sleeping minds and in one of his classes he asks them about an interesting fact that he doesn’t know. That is where the YouTube channel comes into play. The channel is called Half as Interesting and can be considered an educational channel focusing on rather unknown information. Do you know that there was once a baboon that ran a railway? Or that there is an island that switches its countries every six months? But surely you know why Iceland imports ice, right? 😀

These short, lovely animated and well-spoken videos might not equip you with the most applicable knowledge. But those can be incredibly interesting conversation starters. Imaging you are on a date and you tell your date about the time China had a 12-day long traffic jam or how much it costs to operate a hot dog stand in New York.

Elodin would be proud of you =).

Here is one of my favorites:



Take care, Stephan


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