Tea of the Month: October 18′

October’s tea of the month is a green tea again. To be more specific, it is a pure green tea named: South Korea Seogwang Sencha.

This one is a rather recent discovery. During my last tea shopping spree, I was not only looking for a nice Matcha, but also a mild and pure green tea. After chatting a bit with the shop assistant and being very well consulted, I chose the aforementioned tea. The smell was very mild and almost sweet and still fresh. It was an easy choice to try it out.

I also want to add that I also tried Gyokuro tea which is the Champagne among the green teas (her words not mine =) ). I wanted to see if I can taste a difference. Bottom line, I did not. Maybe my taste buds are not fully developed yet, but I couldn’t taste a difference. And as the price difference is rather huge, I stick with the Sencha.

How do I prepare it?

As it is a green tea, I use hot water (80 °C) and then let the tea steep for 2 minutes. For half a liter I use about 2 table spoons of tea. What I really enjoy about green teas is that I can brew it up to 4 times. It is getting milder and the tea has less caffeine/theine.

Because it is mild and still fresh, it is also a wonderful tea to prepare an ice tea out of it. Just add a little lemon or lime juice to it and put it in the fridge.

Enjoy a lovely cup yourself =).


Take care, Stephan



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