Poem: Brain vs. Heart

The brain: Give it time, you shouldn’t be with someone new.

The Heart: So you’ve told, and why do I still feel blue?

B: That is normal, your wounds need time to heal.

H: When does it end? I wish I could not feel.

B: I think you like it, because it shows you are alive.

H: That is cruel, all I want is to have a wife.

B: Yes you told me, but please tell me at what price?

B: Is it worth to feel dependent, you know the danger of playing nice.

B: I mean I get you, you don’t want to be alone.

B: But are you really willing to be talked to in that tone?

H: It makes sense, but the pain is still with me.

H: I even dream about her, I still love her can’t you see?

H: There is this longing and I wish she’d write me back.

H: Her touch and her presence that’s what I lack.

B: But think about it, all the days you felt sad and cried

B: All the countless calls with friends and you still couldn’t see a light.

B: All the mails you wrote, full of hope, full of love for her.

B: The few responses you got back and the feeling of despair.

B: Do you really think it is worth it to feel pain deep in your chest?

B: I know you like a challenge so let’s turn it into a quest.

H: What do you mean by quest? What is it you propose?

B: I think you should let go, yeah that’s what I suppose.

H: Just give me some more time, I know your words are true.

H: At the moment it still feels as if I’m attached to her with glue.

H: There will be other days like this, it’s not easy to let go.

H: But I promise I will try, so we can decrease these days of woe.

B: That is all I ask for and I hope you will see it too.

B: You are wonderful and you know it to be true.


Take care, Stephan

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