Wim Hof Method: An update II

In the beginning of this year, February to be exact, I started to try out the Wim Hof Method. If you don’t know what it is, I recommend reading my initial article, titled Trying out the Wim Hof Method.

I actually managed to take only cold showers until mid of April. Already in the first update I wrote that I got a bit sick, which was not due to the method but because of how I responded to the difficult situation with my ex. I somehow managed to stay on the edge of not being really sick but still a bit for a while until I got a bit more sick.

This when I changed the way how I shower. I can still say it is an update, although I don’t follow the Wim Hof Method any longer, because I still take cold showers. However, since mid of April I take hot-cold sequence showers. Moreover, normally I end with a cold shower. The only exception to this rule is when I want to go to sleep right after. I read that a warm or hot shower is conducive to going to sleep because the body relaxes. Whereas when you end with a cold shower your body is rather alert.

Nowadays, I start with about a minute of warm/hot water, followed by 30 seconds cold water, followed by 15 seconds warm/hot water, followed by 15 seconds cold water, followed by 10 seconds warm water. Then, I turn off the water and soap myself. Then, I start with about 7 seconds warm water followed by 15 seconds cold water, followed by 15 seconds warm water, and I end with another 15 seconds cold water. I also try to make it as cold as I can bear, which is already quite cold.

I actually look forward to the cold showers and I still feel incredibly refreshed when I step out of the shower. I didn’t switch back to Wim Hof after I was completely healthy again, because I also read some articles that these hot-cold sequence showers are very beneficial for you. Cold showers have certain benefits on our health, but so do hot showers. When you google it, you will find plenty of articles, so you can form your own opinion =).

Maybe I will try to have some cold-only showers as a preparation for winter =).


Take care, Stephan


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  1. Mark Ward says:

    Thanks for the followup post, how long have you been doing the regular cold shower now? I did a short Wim Hof article at https://howtolivelike.com/ which might be of interest

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    1. Hi Mark, since the follow up article until today I changed it into hot-cold showers. I read that they are very healthy and I like them =). Thanks for the article.

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