Why it can make sense to have a look at future trends no matter your job

The future is uncertain. That fact remains. However, many people try their best to make the future more predictable. When I studied Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship, one of my favorite courses was Technology Management & Foresight. Especially the foresight part was very interesting, because we had to apply it to developments in educational technologies and how people learn in the future.

I think it is very interesting how our world can/could/might look like a couple of years in the future. There are several pages where you can read about global mega trends varying ever so slightly based on what they researched. Nevertheless, even if there are differences which is normal as the future is uncertain, reading about how we as a society will deal with trends such as individualism or connectivity make me reflect about how I fit into this.

Moreover, you can also identify elements that might influence your work, too. If you are a business owner, you might start to think about the global mega trend health and that people are getting increasingly aware of their own health and what they need to be healthy. This might affect some element of your company structure or what working hours models you offer.

If your company is reliant on innovations and creativity, you might look at trends and changes in how we will work in the future. From establishing co-working spaces or introducing coopetition and open innovation, there are many things employees will demand and maybe even expect in the future.

There are so many other interesting questions. How will the ongoing globalization affect me or my job? What do we do with an ever-aging workforce? What role will mobility play in the future? Those and many more questions are what these researchers try to predict.

Maybe it makes sense to conduct your own scenario analysis. We often speak about the need for a vision. I think that we can help formulate a vision or be more confident about our vision when we can relate it to a trend we investigated.

A question that is fascinating me is how people will learn in the future? What is your question about the future? 


Take care, Stephan


PS: some reading material…

Zukunftsinstitut (German)

This is what work will look like by 2030 (World Economic Forum)

Megatrends: A bigger picture for a better strategy (Roland Berger)

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  1. I got so overwhelmed by so many different questions I have according to my different roles… that I will end up sharing that my question for the future as an individual is ‘when will people be able to align and follow both their heart and mind… workwise speaking?’ 🙂 Thanks for sharing, I liked the categories on the second link you shared.

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    1. That is a big question you ask yourself =) although I think one worthwhile to looking for answers to =)

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