Poem: The wind

When I close my eyes the ocean seems near

But instead of waves it is the wind that I hear

Mighty old trees bend under its power

They turn and move like a majestic flower


Wind can be like a whisper

Gently it caresses our face

Wind can take the form of a twister

It appears in so many different ways


I like to sit inside and listen to it

When the clouds are grey and the world barely lit

When everything rattles and it constantly clatters

Still I hope you are safe, that’s what really matters


Like a beautiful symphony

I listen to its song

mother nature is showing me

That she is soft and she is strong


Wind has the strength to shutter windows and doors

Sometimes it is wise to lock houses and stores

When the wind takes up speed it’s better not to be near

Because it is the wind, and not the ocean you hear


Take care, Stephan





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