Reflection: 11 months of writing a daily blog

Ding ding ding. That is the sound of the bell that signals the last month of my one-year project has started. It is the 336th article I have written. 29 to go.

I developed a huge appreciation for everyone who does this for a living. There are days during which I sit in front of my laptop and feel squashed like an orange. I mean I am still rather young and there is only so much experience I can draw from. Furthermore, there is only a limited amount of “profound” things I can write about before I become a hypocrite writing about something I have never experienced or thought through at least once.

I also admit that some of my Sundays are spent to write a few articles at once, so I can take a break here and there during the week. This entry is one of those I wrote last Sunday.

Now, that the end is near, I wonder what to do with all that content. I am thinking about to coalesce several articles about one topic into a bigger document. Furthermore, I am still thinking about creating a book with all or most of the articles. I would do this for myself as a reward for following through with the goal I set almost a year ago. I am wondering if you would also be interested in such a book? Let me know in case you do =).

I will definitely continue to write the blog. Probably one or two entries a week. I think that might be a good rhythm for you as a reader. And also for me as the creator^^. It will also give me more time to work on my articles. Yes, I like to just sit down and write what comes to my mind. I also know that I can improve my writing and bring my thoughts across in a more understandable way when I sit down and rework some parts of the text.

What I can say already is that the blog served its purpose. I know it took a long while, but it helped me to make sense of everything that was happening around me. I think it also helped me to grow as a person. Of course, we always change. I just think that by writing down my thoughts and giving structure to them, I accelerated this process and I was able to see and draw connections between some of my thoughts and beliefs.

Thank you again for staying with me =)


Take care, Stephan

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