A tidbit of wisdom

I am always curious to learn something new. Fortunately, or unfortunately those moments of wisdom are rare and come unexpected. Sometimes it is something another person says. One sentence in an hour long talk that makes you think, oh yeah, she/he is right about that and why didn’t I realize it before, or I will apply that. I am also aware that what I consider as wisdom might be something trivial for you or you don’t consider it wisdom at all. That is fine =).

Yesterday I found such a tidbit of wisdom. You need to know about me that although I don’t have kids, I really want to have 2 or three in the future. That is why I already try to absorb as much wisdom from around me how to be a good dad or a good parent in general. What I found was just a little thing, but I think it can strengthen the connection you can have with your child.

John Krasinski, who is an actor and director was one of the guest at the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. He spoke about how he became an actor and the role his parents (and in this example his mother in particular) played. As you might know, becoming an actor is a difficult thing to do. You can work your ass off and still it is often up to chance if you make it or not. Naturally, as a parent you only want the best for your kids. However, there can be a trade-off. We want our kids to live a happy life free from any suffering. This often includes that we wish them well financially. If your kid tells you the he/she wants to become an actor, you probably know that this is a difficult endeavor. Still, as a parent you also want your kids to strive for their dreams. Now, you might face a dilemma.

That’s where the tidbit comes into the story. John Krasinski told that as soon as he left the actor school and jumped into the car of his mom, he told her that he will move to New York to become an actor. He said that his mom probably hesitated for half a second before telling him great and that he should do it. She made one addition though. She told him that he had to promise her to rethink his choice when after 2.5-3 years there is no success in sight. She also said that he has to do it because as his mother he cannot expect her to tell him to give up on his dreams.

I think that is a wonderful way how to handle such a situation.

What do you think?

Here is the interview if you want to have a look for yourself:


Take care, Stephan


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  1. esoterica says:

    Great advice! I agree that it’s the role of the parent to offer their child unwavering support, and love the suggesting that they offer their child the advice to “check in” and see whether their on track towards their dreams. Wonderful piece–thank you!

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    1. We have to thank his mother and him for sharing it =)

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