Stromae: When music meets art meets depth

I don’t know why I really discovered Stromae only now. I mean I knew some of his songs and I liked them all, but still he flew under my radar. It was the song Tous Les Mêmes or the version performed by L.E.J. which led me to him. His real name is Paul Van Haver and he is Belgian.  His music can be best described by a mix of Hip Hop and Electro. The name Stromae is actually a verlan of Maestro.

I watched some interviews with him and it is fascinating how reflected and balanced he seems to be. I mean his songs should have been a hint already. Most of his texts are pretty deep. He sheds light on some dark topics such as cancer, growing up without a father and what it actually means to be a dad, or about the difficulties in relationships. His songs are one of the reasons I want to improve my French again.

His videos are pure art. At least for me. I know that art and beauty lay in the eyes of the beholder. He plays with different colors to underline the key message of the song. He disguises himself in order to play a character all with the goal to support the message again. He has a lovely voice and you can feel the energy through it. Who watched him before also knows that he also conveys an intense energy with his body movements. His movements are very energetic and powerful.

Unfortunately, he suffered from health problems and didn’t produce any new music, or at least didn’t publish any new music since 2015. However, I just read that he is about to publish a new single. I wish him that he feels better and that it is the right step for him to take.

If you want to indulge in his music and see the combination of music, art, and depth, I can recommend watching the following full live concert where he performed in Montreal:


Take care, Stephan

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