How are you?

How are you? 

What a simple question or is it? Yeah, sometimes it is easy to answer. But even then, our answer probably still falls short what is going on inside us. What we feel. And when we also take into consideration that feelings are fleeting things, how can we ever come up with a complete answer to that question?

At times, my answer is simply: I don’t know. And it is not because I don’t ask myself and observe how I feel, but rather because the mix of emotions and feelings make an answer hard to understand. Even for myself. Or maybe it would overwhelm the other person. I think that when we speak about emotions, other people can feel those, too. And I think we are better able to capture negative feelings than positive ones. So, if you know you are overwhelmed by your own feelings, what should other people feel once you start to tell them about ALL those different feelings and emotions? =)

Although we might not really like to be asked this question, especially if we don’t feel that great, this question has still value. We should ask ourselves this question more often. I think it helps us to get a better understanding of ourselves. Imagine you ask this question a couple of times throughout the day. The answers might differ. Now, why do they differ? This is very interesting, and we can investigate why we feel the way we feel in this moment. If we only ask this question once a week or we only answer it when people ask us how we are, we might not be able to untangle the mess all those emotions and feelings created during the last days.

There is so much to discover about ourselves. Why not start with asking yourself the question:

How are you?


Take care, Stephan

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  1. esoterica says:

    I can completely relate. Emotions can be so complex, sometimes even contradictory, and it’s often impossible to articulate exactly how we feel and what we need in order to improve our emotional state. The question is a great place to start–even if we don’t reach a conclusive answer, the exploration itself can be quite telling. Thanks for the food for thought!

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    1. Thank you very much for your comment =) often those contradictory feelings make it worse because you question how you can be fine one moment and feel down another one. I actually try to observe this more closely and I’m probably write about it. Have a wonderful day =)

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  2. Completely agree! Very interesting point 😊 I usually always say that I’m good if I don’t want to talk about it, and explain a bit further if the person in front of me seems actually interested 😊

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  3. Well said Caroline, my answer exactly.


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