36 Questions to fall in love – XXXII

I think it is only fair that you get to know me a little bit better to understand how I think and how my brain works in order to put my writings into perspective and to draw your own conclusions. This is why I, once about every ten days, answer one of the questions from the New York Times question series: 36 Questions – How to fall in love.

If you want to start at the very beginning, you can find question 1 here.

And if you just missed the last answer to question 31, you can find it here.


Question #32 reads as follows:

“What, if anything, is too serious to be joked about?”


That is a question I never pondered before. I know that some things cannot be joked about immediately afterwards, and only time will allow to joke about it later. I also think that it depends on the context and the intention. Sometimes, a joke about something sensitive can direct the attention to this topic (e.g. gun control). And yes, maybe it is a bit too much, but a joke has the potential to either soften the blow or create outrage which can also be good.

For me personally, I think joking about disadvantaged people is too much. I consider it mean. Maybe I am wrong, and I guess there are disadvantaged people who are totally fine if someone jokes about them, but you won’t hear me joking about it. Also, I don’t like jokes about recent disasters. I am not sure when it is okay to joke about it. I know that humor helps to process negative experiences, but I can still feel the suffering.

In general, my humor is pretty dark, and I like when it is a bit on the edge. I know it is supposed to provoke and I can assess the intention quite well. I think this is why those political satire shows are so successful. Watching the news can be devastating and then why not add a pinch of humor?

What are topics that are too sensitive to joke about for you?


Take care, Stephan

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