Tea of the Month: August 18′

When I spent a couple of days in Dublin (read more about my unplanned trip do Dublin) I couldn’t resist to get some tea for my collection. After some research, I decided to go to a shop called Clement & Poke at 50 South William St Dublin. After waling right by it and missing it, I managed to find it in the end. It is a lovely shop where you can also sit on a kind of bench outside.

That is also what I did. I ordered a cup of Turkish apple tea and just watched people passing by. Afterwards, I had a look at the collection to pick my tea for taking with me. I had a nice chat with the shop assistant who was great in giving recommendations and I chose two different teas. The one I want to talk about is the mango & passionfruit tea.

If you have a good nose, then be careful when smelling it. Seriously, I gave it to my dad to smell and he directly sprang back, because the smell is very intense. Really intense. When I give it to others I warn them to smell from a distance and that this is enough. I think it is due to the passionfruit. Nevertheless, the taste matches the smell. It is super fruity and therefore great for drinking it hot or cold. I wouldn’t recommend to drink it with honey or sugar, but rather enjoy the pure taste.

As with all fruit teas, I experiment a bit with how much tea I need for one cup (1-2 tea spoons per cup) and then I pour boiling (100 °C) water over the tea. I let it steep for about 7 minutes and voila – a delicious tea is ready =).

If you want to drink it cold you can either prepare a cold brew which means to pour cold water over the tea and let it steep in the fridge for 8-10 hours. Or, you can pour boiling water over the tea and then cool it down or wait until it is cooled down and then put it in the fridge. The difference is that the tea stays in the pot for a cold brew and you will take it out after those 7 minutes if you want to pour boiling water over it.

Oh, and if you visit Dublin, have a cup for yourself =).


Take care, Stephan

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