YouTube Channel of the Month: Tim Pool

Fake news. A term which is already annoying to hear. However, it is easy to underestimate the influence our news-intake has on us. If you hear something once, you might not react to it. Hear something several times and you will start to form an opinion. Hear something every single day and the voice from the news anchor will become the internal voice if not critically reflected what is being said.

Having a healthy news diet is exhausting. You need to watch or listen to different news outlets and then form an opinion and still be open-minded enough to change your opinion. Moreover, a healthy news diet includes listening to news that you don’t like/want to hear.

Here, Tim Pool comes into play. Tim is an investigative journalist who reports on all kind of things. What I like about him is that he tries to be as objective as possible. Sure, he has his own prejudices, but he is aware of them and shares them with the audience. He reports on the “left” or “right” and gives a better picture about what is going on. The good thing is that he invites you to disagree with him and he acknowledges that he makes mistakes. However, he lives up to mistakes.

I think it takes this kind of reporting to bridge the gap between different parties. I know it is easier to listen to someone who confirms my preconceived ideas, but it is better to listen to someone who is impartial. You might not like to hear some of the things, but you will be better informed and not base your decisions on a one-sided news diet.

Tim Pool has two different channels. One is called Tim Pool. The other one is called Timcast. I think we need more journalists like him.


Take care, Stephan

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