Reaching out to an old friend

We meet so many people in our lives. Some stay with us for a long while, some are just brief acquaintances, and most are somewhere in the middle =). The benefit of our connected world is that it is easier to find and, well, connect with old friends again.

Today, I spoke with a friend who I have not seen or talked to for almost 4 years. We were in the same facilitator team during a conference and had good conversations back then. It always amazes me how easy it is to talk again without it being awkward once you already share deep stories with someone. We talked for an hour, okay I talked for an hour, but we will continue our talk tomorrow.

It feels good to revive this friendship. Sure, it is difficult if you don’t live in the same city or as in this case the same country. Maybe we will speak a bit more again and maybe after a while we stop talking for a longer while again. Who knows. The good thing is the knowledge that we have friends out there we can talk to. Who can give us a different perspective on things and who far enough away to not witness our daily madness =).

Do you have such a friend? Someone you want to talk to again? There are so many ways to find someone. Be it Facebook, LinkedIn, or the wide range of other social media platforms. Maybe it is time that your paths cross again. Maybe it will just be for a short while, but we will be richer no matter what.

Maybe a once dear friendship just fell asleep. Maybe the both of you had just too much on your mind and then felt uncomfortable to reach out. I think that we know the relationships that are worth fighting for. Even if they are dormant.

Although we are better connected than ever, we lack real connection. Let us use these platforms to really have conversations and not only to cast ourselves in the best possible light.


Take care, Stephan

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