Focus on the trend, not on the day

If you are going through a change process, I guess you experienced this. Those days when nothing seems to be working out and you feel you made a step backward. You start to doubt, if you are at all capable of changing and if it means you failed.

Firstly, I bet the day is not as bad as we make it out to be. There are always small wins and highlights each day. But I agree that there are generally good and generally bad days. The problem is that we put too much weight on this one bad day. I think it makes sense to just sit back and look at the overall trend. How many good days were there this week? How many last week or the week before. I think we will quickly see a positive trend as long as we are working towards our goal. Then, I can also accept a bad day. It still remains a bad day, but it is way easier to deal with it knowing that there will be many more good days coming.

Secondly, even if we feel we made a step back, maybe this means we just take a run-up before making another huge leap. Having a bad day can have all kind of reasons and it shouldn’t be mistaken with not being able or good enough to progress. Try to observe why this day is not going as planned. Maybe you didn’t eat enough. Maybe you just had a difficult conversation that keeps your mind upset. Maybe it is just the weather. Again, as long as we are still working on making a progress, all is good.

Maybe it means we reached a plateau. When you learn something new, you might experience those times when you think you don’t make any progress. However, those are the times when your brain strengthens the connections in your brain which will be crucial for further development. Maybe the next improvement is only a few days away.

Bad days are normal, and I think we should give more attention to the overall trend.


Take care, Stephan

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