Mentioning skills taught in training programs

At the moment, I try to update my LinkedIn profile and one part is to identify your skill set. This is not as easy as it sounds. There are so many different terms and names and sometimes you just don’t know if you really can say that you possess a specific skill or not.

That is why I propose to include taught skills in everything related with training. Good training programs, be it a workshop, a seminar, a lecture etc. have goals. They should give the participants a better overview what can be expected from the course and it also helps to relate to the content during the training. Though, what is missing are the skills that are taught. Sure, sometimes it is possible to deduce skills from the goals, but I think it might be a good help for the participants to know what they will get out of this for them.

I would also propose to mention those skills during the training. It can work as an extra motivation when the trainer/facilitator/speaker etc. says what skill they are about to learn or have learned. It comes down to change management again. Everything that helps us with sustainably changing our behaviors has a lot of value as we don’t like to change. If I am constantly reminded throughout the training session what skills I acquire, I might be even more motivated to engage with the program as I see the real-life benefit for me. It might also be the biggest motivator during “boring” trainings due to their nature of content.

Adding this small part, we can also educate people to be more aware of what they learn. Furthermore, I think that providing those insights can help participants to be more confident after a training program. Sometimes, I feel that trainings or lectures are interesting, but I am unsure what I learned and therefore I am unsure about the skills I have. If I know that a program is designed and has the goal to teach specific skills, I might be more self-confident in my skill set and in applying those skills.

I think that building self-confidence in the learner about what he/she has learned, is one of the most important goals. The training program can be sound and thought out, but if the participants leave the program feeling unsure, if they can apply what they have been taught, the usability of the program is questionable.


Take care, Stephan

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