The power of the body

Yesterday, I wrote about the power of our brains and that it is important to take care of our brains to make the best out of all our talents and strengths. In today’s blog article, I want to write about the other half which is necessary to live a healthy and happy live. Our bodies.

I wrote about how much our reality is shaped by our minds. However, our bodies have a say in that, too. For some, movement helps them to think. They need to walk up and down to completely grasp and/or process an idea or thought. Maybe it has something to do that when we move we take in more oxygen and that is what our brains need to function properly.

Another benefit of moving is that it can help us to better process our feelings. There are some techniques during which you let someone walk along a line or stand and you can see how the body reacts to input. Our bodies can tell us so much more about our state of mind. Even more than we might realize ourselves.

Our bodies are machines, too. We constantly break records, or you probably also have heard about mothers who have the energy and strengths to lift a car to rescue their baby. Or think about how doing sports helps us to become happier by releasing dopamine into our bodies. We are designed to move, and we should take care how we treat our bodies. And even more important than doing sports is what we eat and drink. Our diet has a very significant impact on us and how we feel and what we can do.

It is often difficult to see what we do to our bodies. Especially when we are young. We can walk and jump and lift and carry and and and. But if we don’t take care of our bodies we might be limited faster than we want to accept. Imagine how your life would change if you cannot walk anymore, or you cannot carry your bags. Things we don’t even think about, things we are so used to have might disappear and adjusting to this change might be hard.

That is why we should not only take care of our brains but also about our bodies! =)



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