The power of the brain

Our brains are machines. They are ingenious powerhouses that keep us not only alive but enable us to create the most wonderful things. Our brain constantly rewires itself and we are able to learn anything until our last breath. So, you definitely can teach an old dog new tricks.

What is going on in our heads shapes the way we see things and how our lives turn out. It is and especially our brains that shape our reality. To give you an example. Tomorrow, look for red cars. You might wonder how many red cars there are, and you might think this is just a coincidence. The truth is that you just shifted your focus and now you can see all those red cars. The same can be done with other things. If you expect people to be unfriendly, you will look for people who confirm this. If you expect people to be friendly you will discover friendly people. It is still the same world we live in. This is but one amazing feature of our brains. Also think about the placebo-effect. Our brain has the potential to heal us and this healing power is still beyond our understanding.

But our brains can also be the cause for most sicknesses, illnesses and disorders. Doctors agree that a large percentage of diseases might have their causes in our brains. This leaves me with the question what we can do to take care of our brains?

What do we do when we are sick? We reduce our pace, we calm down and we relax. We fill our body with good and helpful food and drinks and give us time to recover. That is also what we should do for our brains. We should calm our minds regularly, we should be aware what thoughts enter our minds and we should be patient and kind with us and what we constantly worry and ruminate about.

One of the best ways to do this is to practice mindfulness. Also, everything that contributes to building resilience can be very helpful for our brains. You might know the Latin proverb: mens sana in corpore sano or a healthy mind in a healthy body. See mindfulness as a workout for the brain. But as our brain is only half of what is necessary to reap the benefits of our innate powers, I will discover some of the elements of the power of our bodies tomorrow.






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  1. Learnography says:

    Mind wandering occurs in the posterior cingulate cortex of brain. This is the region that is more affected in mental disorders and mindfulness can correct the over loaded circuit of limbic system by providing silence, peace and happiness. Thanks for the writing.

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    1. Thank you very much for the addition =)

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