Tea of the Month: July 2018

As I might drink two cups of coffee a year, because tea is my go-to-drink, I want to present you my favorite teas and why they are so special to me. This month’s tea of the month is rather special but still a classic. It is pure green tea.

Sure, there are so many different types of green tea. It can be Sencha, or Gyokuro, Lung Ching and so on. All are slightly different and I invite you to try out different types to determine your favorite. The one on the picture is actually a black tea but the Chinese call it red tea. For me the taste of this tea is more similar to a green tea and that is why I used the image =).

There are three different types of “green” tea as they all stem from the same plant called Camellia sinensis. There is the white tea, which is the least processed tea and has the greatest antioxidant levels. Then there is green tea. The tea leaves are steamed, rolled and dried, a method that preserves the content of polyphenols, antioxidant compounds that confer the well-known health benefits of tea. For black tea, the leaves undergo a process of oxidation that changes the color and flavor and reduces the content of polyphenols.

So why is this classic tea so special? First, it was a gift I received from one of my facilitators after the end of the conference. Second, I needed to ask a Chinese friend to translate what was written on it =). And third, because it is a perfect tea for hot days.

Yes, hot days. Of course, the classic way to prepare the tea is to pour about 80 C° hot water over it and let it steep for a few minutes. I mean when it will become colder again, I’ll probably switch to this way of preparing the tea. But for now, I prepare it as a cold-brew. I put some of the tea in a big jug or pot and then I pour cold water over it and let it steep for about 8 hours in the fridge. I often prepare it in the evening to have it ready in the morning. The difference is that a cold-brew is very very mild. It almost tastes sweet. I especially like the taste of this tea.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any link to this specific tea. But if you find it somewhere let me know =)



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  1. It sounds like a really good tea! 😊 You said it’s green tea but in China they call it red tea? Is it like rooibos? 😮

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    1. No, in China they call black tea red tea because of the color. But the taste and the color looks more like a green tea. At least of that one =)

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      1. Oooh okay! 😄 It sounds really good!

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