Wein am Stein

This week, my colleagues and I went to a wine festival in Würzburg, Germany. I drink rarely, but when there is a wine festival, I would never say no =).

First of all, Würzburg is a small and lovely city in the south of Germany. Once every year there is this festival called Wine am Stein. Some of my colleagues have been there before and said it is a must to go there.

Already from my hotel room I could see the vineyards overlooking the city. This is also where the festival took place. Once we arrived at the place and got in, I fell in love. It looked very nice and very romantic (you can see for yourself at the pictures below, but I doubt I captured the beauty of the place). You could see Würzburg below and everywhere were vines. There were a lot of different areas where you could sit. We actually managed to get a table within the vineyards and were surrounded by vines.

The wine was very delicious and once our team lead joined us he bought a 3-liter bottle of a delicious wine and, needless to say, we had a very interesting and funny evening =). There were also different stands where you could get all kinds of food. I think the prices were fair, too. It was 6€ to enter the place which made sense because it became quite crowded and at a certain point in time they just don’t let anyone in anymore. Then, you “buy” a glass for 3€ although you will get the money back once you returned the glass. A glass of wine ranged from 3,50 to 6€. Moreover, there was a band playing in the evening and the music was very good. For the last 1-2 hours we all went to the stage to listen to the music and dance a bit.

All in all, it was a lovely evening and I can only recommend going there in case you happen to be in Würzburg next year around this time of the year. And now, the pictures =)

wein am stein

wein am stein 3.png



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  1. Oow it really looks like a lively place!

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    1. It is a wonderful place and very romantic =)

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