A perfect summer drink

At the moment it is hot. Incredibly hot. What can you do if you don’t have an air-condition at work or at home? You might say as little movement as possible and my response would be: I like the way you think =). However, there is an alternative. A drink that is refreshing be it cold or room temperature.

I read about this in an article and during the weekend I thought I give it a try. And I was very pleased ^^. What do you need for it? You need cucumber, ginger, lime, water, and mint. Although the mint is optional.

Just cut a few slices of the cucumber, ginger, and lime and put it into a jug. I prefer a jug made of glass. Then, pour some water on top of it and add fresh mint if you want. Let it steep for several hours in the fridge or in your room and voilà, you made yourself a refreshing and incredibly healthy beverage for the hot days.

It has a mild taste and all the ingredients complement each other perfectly. You can even pour more water into the jug once you drank a glass or it is empty. The flavor will lessen but it is still enough to taste it and enjoy it.

What is your perfect summer drink? 



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  1. It sounds very good and refreshing! I personally like to do iced tea! 😀

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    1. What’s your favorite iced tea?


      1. I really like using a tea with mint in it! 😊 Otherwise I switch everytime and use the teas I find randomly! 😛

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