36 Questions to fall in love – XXIX

I think it is only fair that you get to know me a little bit better to understand how I think and how my brain works in order to put my writings into perspective and to draw your own conclusions. This is why I, once about every ten days, answer one of the questions from the New York Times question series: 36 Questions – How to fall in love.

If you want to start at the very beginning, you can find question 1 here.

And if you just missed the last answer to question 28, you can find it here.

Question #29 reads as follows:

“Share with your partner an embarrassing moment in your life.”

Which one should I choose? 😀

I have been entertaining my family with some of my stories several times already. It was embarrassing but even back then I could laugh about it. Well, maybe not for time of this situation, but once I was back home and I recovered I laughed about myself.

What happened? As I want to stay in shape and fit, I do some exercises at home. As I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a gym membership which I will rarely use, I thought to myself it would be nice to have some dumbbells at home. That is why I ordered 2 dumbbells totaling 30 kg. Probably the delivery man thought: there is no way I will carry this package all the way up. So, he just put a note in the mailbox that I can get it at a box station 15 minutes by walking from here. Okay, 15 minutes under normal conditions =).

Somehow, my assessment of how much 30 kg is was slightly off. I just equipped myself with my back pack and I was ready to go. I didn’t bring my mobile nor money (this will become important). When I arrived, and heaved the package out of the box it dawned on me that my estimate was completely wrong and that I might have a problem now. The packing station was right next to a supermarket but I had no money. I had also no mobile to call anyone for help.

What did I do then? I opened the package and tried to press everything into my backpack. Except the handles everything fit into the back pack but I couldn’t close it. At first, I tried to just carry the back pack with my arms. This looked like the following. I walked five meters and then I had to stop because it was so heavy. I was already entertaining the people in the cars passing me by. Then, I tried a different approach. I managed to heave the back pack on my back and but as the back pack was not completely closed some of the parts fell out. After trying around for another 5 minutes I managed to close the back pack in a way that nothing can fall out. I heaved the back pack on my back again and took the handles in my hand and began walking. I was maybe 150 meters away from the packing station.

I walked like Quasimodo with a hunched back and leaned over, so the back pack was stable. I still feared that my back pack will be torn apart due to the weight. This way I walked back home and it took me about 20 minutes to get there. All in all, it took me about an hour and I could feel each of my muscles afterwards. But hey, this was the first part of the workout :D.

I hope it made you laugh as well =).



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