36 Questions to fall in love – XXVIII

I think it is only fair that you get to know me a little bit better to understand how I think and how my brain works in order to put my writings into perspective and to draw your own conclusions. This is why I, once about every ten days, answer one of the questions from the New York Times question series: 36 Questions – How to fall in love.

If you want to start at the very beginning, you can find question 1 here.

And if you just missed the last answer to question 27, you can find it here.

Question #28 reads as follows:

Tell your partner what you like about them; be very honest this time, saying things that you might not say to someone you’ve just met.

I don’t like the timing of this question but I don’t want to postpone one answer again as I did with #9. Why is it bad timing? Well, I don’t have a partner at the moment and I don’t really want to write about my ex-girlfriend to get some distance from this topic. Now, I hesitate. I could write about her and see it as a test how much I am over this (which I know is not that much), or I could find something or someone else to write about.

I needed to sit and think a bit what to do. I will write about her. I know she doesn’t read this blog, so I am at least in no danger that she writes me because of that.

What do I like about you?

I like your challenging look in your eyes when we play around. It is full of joy and energy and I can almost feel you vibrating with life. I like to watch you when you read or work. You are consumed with what you are doing and I like how determined you are about what you do. I like the touch of your skin and I like it that you are smaller than me so it feels like I can hug you completely.

I like how you speak about your family and especially your sister. Those are the times when I can see how much love is within you. I like how ambitious you are. I could already tell that when we meet at the conference and worked together. That is when I saw how smart you are. We can have discussions about everything and if you were a book, you would be my most favorite one. I like that there is so much to discover about you. All those different interest, experiences and hobbies fascinate me about you. It is another sign how much life is within you.

You are a great lover and a beautiful woman and I leave it at that.

There are so many more things I like about you. But mainly I like you because you are you and nobody else. … let’s see how this will affect me during the next day(s). For now, it felt good writing it.


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