What Would I Do to Prepare my Kids for an Uncertain Future?

Yesterday, I asked the question if it still makes sense to send my (future) children to university. I lean towards not sending them to University. But what would I do instead?I would send my kids to university. Bear with me =).Sending my kids to university is not about getting a degree. I couldn’t care less. If they want to get one, I won’t interfere either, but it should not be the sole purpose. I wouldn’t want my children to follow only a specific study program with predefined lectures and seminars. On the contrary. I would encourage my kids to visit only those courses they are really interested in. No matter if they are related or not. Everything that helps them to broaden their perspectives and help them discover new things is a wonderful goal to achieve in itself. I want them to keep and increase their curiosity and interest in the world.Moreover, there are other benefits that come with attending university. As I wrote yesterday, it is a great place to socialize and make new friends. It is a place where you can discuss and challenge your own thoughts and the thoughts of others. You have to learn to structure yourself and you will improve your self- and time-management. Also, you will improve your resilience towards stress. I want my kids to write all the papers and also do the examinations. If they decide for a thing they should at least give their best. However, this is independent from the outcome with regards to what grades they get. Again, it is not about getting a degree and I also have my problems with grades =). They say little about what a person is capable of and what he or she had really learned.I would encourage my kids to join a or several student organizations. I learned more working for two student organizations than what I learned during the classes. Okay, to be fair, I am talking about knowledge and skills I can apply regularly. I would also encourage them to start their own business, while they are still students. I would nudge them to dare and try out new things, to make mistakes and to fail. Of course, not without having debriefing discussions afterwards, to discover why they failed and what they learned from the experience. I hope that this will help my kids to be better able to deal with uncertainty and to further increase resilience. This would also go together with having weekly or bi-weekly meetings with my kids. In those meetings we would discover together what they learned (yes, I would also like to learn from my kids =) ) and whether there are any barriers I need to remove. This is actually heavily related to what I think a good leader in a company should do.Furthermore, I want them to find a healthy balance between cognitive, artistic, and manual activities. I think this is necessary for a healthy mind and a healthy body. The manual activity could help them to stay down to earth and the artistic activities could add another area where they could find hobbies and talents. I’d also like to have discussions with my kids during which we challenge each other’s beliefs. I think it is crucial to keep open-minded and critical and not to fall prey to our own beliefs. From time to time, a reality-check can prove as valuable.Yes, it is more effort for a parent but I think we should also distance ourselves from the thought that we send our kids to school/university and there the teachers and professors will “get it right” and we don’t need to do anything anymore. On the plus-side, it brings us closer to our kids and we better understand what they want and need. this can lead to an even deeper relationship we have with our children.Finally, I know that this is what I think about it. Maybe my kids have a different idea what they want to do. That is why it can only work if there is an open dialogue between parents and children. Additionally, I am not a slave to my own ideas. If I see something that might be better suited than I will change my ideas and adapt.What do you think about this and what would you do? Stephan

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  1. Haha you were right ! 😉 I think, in general, I would like to send my kids to University but as you mentionned in this and in the previous pist, there are important downsides to it…! It’s a great idea to follow up they’re learning process though! But in that case it could be beneficial even without going to University ! Anyway, I agree with you on that again 😁 and i think the key is, aa always, open-mindedness!


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