Musings on Love – VII

I am looking for love. I guess we all are looking for love. I think something I need to work on is to see all the love around me and not only focusing on the love a romantic partner can give me. It doesn’t always need to be the words: “I love you”.

I mean even when you are in a relationship, there are countless other ways to see that the other person loves you. It can be “are you cold?” or “I am proud of you” or “I prepared dinner for you”. All those small things that we and others do out of deep love. And this might be even more meaningful than hearing the words “I love you”. In Germany we have that saying: “Papier ist geduldig” and it loosely translates into “paper is patient”. It means that we can say and write a lot but only actions count. And yes, sometimes a sentence like “how was your day?” can be an action, too. It shows that the other person cares.

But we can find love in every situation. A son or daughter might show love by drawing you a picture. And even if they are angry at you or even scream at you. This is proof that they feel so secure around you that they dare to do so. A friend can write you and ask you how you are or when you see each other again. This is also a form of showing love.

Maybe it doesn’t always need to be this passionate love we feel when we touch or kiss our partner. Or when he or she says how much they love you. Yes, it feels nice, but if we only equate this with love and we are constantly looking for this, it can get lonely quickly. I know this very well.

Let us try to appreciate all the love that is around us and be grateful for it. 



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