YouTube Channel of the Month: Chris Ramsay

Sometimes I want to wonder. That is one of the reasons why I like Harry Potter and other fantasy novels. Magic is always a great source of wonder. It surprises the mind and it leaves me in awe and puzzled. That is why I want to introduce one of my more recent discoveries: Chris Ramsay – Magic – Puzzles – Vlogs.

He does a lot of tricks with card decks and although he is a rather tall guy, it is amazing how nimble his fingers are and how easy it looks when he performs a trick. However, it was not his card tricks that kept me coming back and ultimately subscribing to his channel. The videos that are even more fascinating are those where he tries to solve a puzzle. And I don’t speak about those puzzles we know, but very difficult and ingenious puzzles. I will post a video at the end where he solves one of those tricky puzzles.

What I can learn from him is his determination and resilience. Sometimes, it doesn’t look as if he is making any progress while trying to solve a puzzle. But he doesn’t quit. He keeps looking for a solution and he is patient and, curious and attentive during this process. All puzzles are different from each other, so he cannot just apply one way of thinking or approaching this problem. I think this could also be a very good training for consultants or anyone who needs to be creative. If you solved ten of those puzzles you will have amassed a treasure trove of approaches how to handle your next problem.

I hope you can enjoy his videos as much as I do and that his magic also leaves you puzzled and in awe from time to time =).





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    1. Thank you for reblogging!


  1. I love this guy! He got me started in magic. I don’t follow his puzzles so much, but interesting you say about how effortlessly he handles the cards despite his tall stature. He also has massive hands which probably makes his card handling even more impressive!

    I did a blog about Chris Ramsay myself at if you’re interested in reading!

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  2. robertcday says:

    Not into magic at all, but I just had to watch the video. Found that it totally spoiled the ‘magic’ but still …


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